D3 : digital diving documents

    D3 :

    the free and open digital archive for diving related documents consists per 01/2024 of 7 parts:

  1. our subjective list of useful books (manuals, flyers, CDs, ...),
    along with ISBN, some comments, usually a TOC and a copy of the cover.

  2. Diving Manuals 4 FREE

  3. the proceedings of the UHMS workshops 1973 - 2002

  4. the XI-volume series from NMRI on Statistically Based Decompression Tables

  5. a link list to scientific SubMarineConsulting documents @ RESEARCHGATE
    and the papers from the worldwide and already legendary "TEC 4.0: update!"-meetings

  6. our private archive of TDM, the TECHNICAL DIVING MAGAZINE

  7. a handful of papers from 3rd. parties, submitted to scientific journals

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